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Requirement of documents is vary from country to country depending on the particular laws of a particular country. Need of documents also depends on whether the embassy of manpower importing nation is in Bangladesh or not. Basically, we demand two types of documents before making a final deal for sending workers overseas. We follow the in-detail government provisions to avoid unnecessary hassles to the workers.

Recruitment Procedure
  1. Principal/sponsor faxes or writes to us giving details about his/her requirements.
  2. We reply then confirming the supply of the personnel and terms advised or otherwise negotiate accordingly.
  3. We must have all the details required in as below.
    • Demand Letter. ( Please click the link below to view the sample )

      A formal letter issued by the employer addressing Lucky Internationa with full details of job categories, number of workers, monthly salary, contract period, working hours and all other facilities that is accommodation, food medical, vacations etc.
    • Power of Attorney. ( Please click the link below to view the sample )

      A letter issued by the employer authorizing Lucky International to act on behalf of the employer in recruitment demanded workers and to catty out all the necessary formalities related with the respective Embassy and the related agencies of the Government of Bangladesh
    • Agency Agreement. ( Please click the link below to view the sample )

      This agreement is made between the employer and Lucky International, starting fully and precisely al the terms and conditions regarding manpower supply from Bangladesh.
  4. The above mentioned documents enable us to advertise and process as per our recruitment order and according to the rules and regulations of Bangladesh Government ministry of labour.
  5. We, then advertise and evaluate applications and will either post the bio-data of the short listed candidates or hold the same for principal's or his/her authorized representative visiting for personal selection.
  6. Following the selection of personal and satisfactorily completion of trade test. We do then arrange for medical tests and checking of certificates and other documents submitted by the applicants, we sent it to the principal by courier for visa processing.
  7. Demand Letter and power of Attorney must be duly attested by Bangladesh embassy to the employer country.

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