Company Profile

Lucky International has developed a market leadership position in meeting and exceeding our clients Workforce demands by matching, managing all their Labour needs. Our strength lies in our being cost effective, fast in execution of projects and maintaining a sizable computerized Data bank. All applicants are initially interviewed and technicians trade tested in their particular fields, to be accepted in the data-bank. Our database consist of the entire gamut of human resources extending from artisans, supervisors, engineers, IT professionals, administrative staff, medical & paramedical and specialist in various fields

Our provide service:
  • --Export Manpower (Skill and Unskilled)
  • --Visa Processing
  • --Passport
  • --Ticketing

This agency who are work all are very much educate and experience science long. The agency employees are :

  1. Md Nurul Amin (Managing Partner)
  2. Md Abul Kalam (Partner)
  3. Md Rabiul Alam (Partner)
  4. Dwjen Saha (GM)
  5. Shahiul Islam (Accounts Officer)
  6. Iqbal Hossain (Manpower Rep.)
  7. MD.Yakub Hossain (Embassy Rep.)
  8. MD.Mehedi Hasan (Office Boy)
  9. Kholilur Rahman (Office Boy)

The benefit to our clients is a fast and cost-effective solution.

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